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    House Rules & FAQ


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    House Rules & FAQ

    Post by Anarkhia on Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:08 am

    Here will be a list of the house rules and general queries, as we encounter them, regarding any official games held by us


    1: Should the FAQ be used for all forces?

    2: If you Tank Shock a unit and at the end of its movement it occupies the same space as any enemy unit, how do you move the enemy unit?
    See p68 of the main rule book on Tank Shock, it states that in this case move the unit the minimum distance necessary to be more than 1” away from the tank. Impassable terrain or other units may be in close proximity and may result in the unit being tank shocked being placed some distance away from the tank, see also the rules for Falling Back on p45 of the main rule book if the unit fails its leadership test.

    3) Can a unit that is pinned pass or cast psychic powers? For example can pinned Seer Council cast Fortune on itself and Guide on another unit?
    No, see the main rulebook on Pinning on p31 and Going to Ground on p24.

    4) Can a ‘Crew Stunned’ vehicle enact other abilities?
    See p61 of the main rulebook. It may use any other ability that is not considered moving or shooting. Note that some vehicles ignore these effects in some way but these are clearly stated on their profile.

    5) Where do I measure the range of a vehicle for the purposes of claiming objectives? Does the entire model have to be in range?
    Measure from the hull. The vehicle must be partially, not necessarily wholly within 3” of the objective. See p91 of the main rule book on ‘Seize Ground’ – you control an objective if you are within 3” of it.

    6) If in the last turn of a game a vehicle is ‘Crew Stunned’ does it count as immobile for the purposes of VP scoring?
    No, the rules for ‘Crew Stunned’ state that the vehicle may not move or shoot in its next turn therefore it is unaffected at the end of the game.

    7) Can you run when falling back and if so, in which direction do you run?
    Yes, you may but only in the direction that you are falling back in. See p46 of the main rulebook.

    8) Can a unit run on the turn it enters from reserves?

    9) When a multiple-wound unit (that already contains a wounded model) suffers a wound that will cause instant death, is the owning player compelled to put it on an unwounded (whole?) model or can they choose to place it on the already wounded model?
    Where possible, they must remove unwounded (whole) models when wounded with ‘instant death’. However, where multiple wound models are unique, for example by virtue of the manner in which they are equipped their saves are made individually. See p26 of the main rulebook for a detailed description.

    10) If a model with a Rapid Fire weapon moves and fires at a target unit within 12", up to what range can the defending player remove casualties from this weapon? At the "range" of the weapon (typically 24” or 30"), or is the 12" limitation the de facto "range" that turn?
    Follow the normal rules for Casualty Removal on p24 of the main rulebook.

    11) Is a model that moved with a Rapid Fire weapon allowed to fire only once at a target within 12" instead of twice?
    No, you must always fire at full effect see p27 of the main rulebook.

    12) If a model armed with a 'gets hot' rapid fire weapon shoots suffers multiple get hot results (e.g. shoots twice and rolls two 1’s), does it make a single saving throw or one for each get hot result?
    See p31 of the main rulebook on Gets Hot; for each result of a 1 the firing model suffers a wound (normal saves apply).

    13) If a unit has models in the open, as well as in multiple pieces of cover, which cover save applies?
    See p22 of the main rulebook on Units In Cover section.

    14) Can you shoot at enemy units through the legs of a vehicle with a base such as a sentinel, dreadnought, or monstrous creature?
    See p16 of the main rulebook on Check Line of Sight and Pick a Target; follow the rules as written for true line of sight.

    15) When a vehicle transporting a unit is blown up it becomes a wreck. Can the passengers therefore disembark into the wreck, for example if access ports are blocked? If the Vehicle is annihilated and replaced by crater can the passengers disembark into the crater?
    Models must disembark from the vehicle as per the main rulebook on p67. If the vehicle becomes a wreck the following applies:

    a. If access points are clear of enemy models, follow normal disembarkation rules i.e. within 2” of the vehicles hull, in coherency and not within 1” of an enemy model.

    b. If access points are blocked by enemy follow emergency disembarkation rules.

    c. If this is not possible due to presence of enemy models you may NOT disembark into the wreck (as the rules specify that the vehicle does not become a wreck until after disembarkation moves are made) and any models not able to deploy are destroyed.

    If the vehicle explodes the following applies:

    a. The vehicle is replaced with a crater or area of difficult ground if the player has one.
    Occupants of the vehicle may disembark into the crater/area of difficult ground.

    b. Presence of nearby enemy models blocking access points is irrelevant in this situation, as the vehicle has ceased to exist. However, when deploying troops they must occupy the same area as the exploding vehicle, not within 2”of the hull or access point. In the event a model cannot be deployed in that area for example, because of the size of the unit or because of the presence of enemy models within 1” it is destroyed.

    16) Does an Independent Character (from an older codex) that takes a retinue fully lose their Independent Character status, or do they simply follow the rules for "Retinues" as found on p51 of the main rule book instead? Or is this determined on a codex-by-codex basis (for example, Tau seem to lose their Independent Character status if they take a retinue whilst Black Templars, Space Marines and Tyranids do not)?
    See the main rulebook p48 on Independent Characters and Joining a Unit; follow the rules in the Retinues section.

    17) When an Independent Character is joined to or part of unit and that unit is wiped out by shooting at what point does the character become independent, and can enemy units that fired at the unit still assault the remaining character?
    As soon as the last model in the unit is killed the character will return to being independent. Units may still assault the character if they shot at the original unit.

    18) When Independent Characters are joined to, or part of a unit, and that unit is wiped out by shooting or close combat, does the Independent Character still have to take Morale and Pinning tests as if he was part of the unit?
    If the unit is wiped out from shooting the Independent Character reverts to that status at the end of the shooting phase after morale tests for losing 25% casualties and pinning tests. In close combat he will test as normal if his unit loses the combat.

    19) Do embarked units give up full Victory Points to the enemy at the end of the game?
    Only if the unit complete with transport has been destroyed.

    20) Can embarked units still capture objectives?
    See p90 on Select a Mission; Units of troops embarked in a transport can control objectives. Measure the distance from the vehicle’s hull.

    21) When do you roll for reserves and at what point do those models have to come onto the board?
    See p94 of the main rulebook. All reserve rolls are made at the start of the turn’s Movement Phase before anything else. Once you have determined which units will be available that turn, they must move on from your long table edge (unless deploying via deep strike or outflank etc) during your movement phase before any other units are moved, see p88 for further details.

    22) What constitutes the Deployment Zone board edge for the purposes of deploying reserves?
    In all missions reserves (unless using a special deployment rule such as deep striking) move onto the board from the controlling players own table edge, which is the long table edge as defined on p88.

    23) If Jump Infantry Deep Strike into difficult terrain do they have to take a Dangerous Terrain test?

    24) If a unit with the fleet ability deep strikes can it then fleet instead of shooting?
    See p75 on Fleet; see p95 for Deep Strike; Units that have arrived via deep strike may run in the shooting phase but may not assault even if they have the fleet rule, unless the unit’s special rules specifically allow the unit to assault.

    25) Do the rulebook versions of the Universal Special Rules fully replace their codex counterparts, or do permissions and restrictions located within the rules text remain in effect?
    Only the actual rules are replaced – permissions and restrictions remain in effect.

    26) What constitutes a “weapon” for the purposes of things like the Tank Hunters special rule – does a psychic power count? What about Krak Grenades?
    Tank Hunter no longer uses the word 'weapon' in its description, it clearly indicates that the model itself has the ability and not his weapons, therefore any hits inflicted by the model benefit from this ability”

    27) Can a unit contest and/or control more than one objective?

    28) If more than one fearless unit is on the losing side of an assault, how many wounds does each unit take?
    Each unit takes a number of wounds equal to the number of wounds the combat was lost by. For example if two fearless units from the same side are in a multiple combat and their side loses by 4, each unit takes 4 wounds.

    29) Where a codex entry allows you to take a number of units/models as one choice, for example 2 Tyranid Lictors taken as one elite choice, how many Kill Points are they worth?
    Note that occasionally a Codex allows the player to include several units in his army at the cost of a single force organisation slot (like dedicated transports, etc). Apart from being bought as a single choice, these units operate and count as separate units in all respects. As a result each unit is worth 1 kill point see p92 of the main rulebook.

    30) In an objective based game, does a Troops squad of just one member still count as a scoring unit?

    31) If a Troops unit is falling back, but is within 3" of an objective - does it count as scoring still? Or indeed, even if they weren't troops can they still contest control of an objective?
    Falling back units are removed from play (see p90) at the end of the game therefore cannot contest/control objectives.

    32) Can a vehicle ram and then have troops disembark from it in the same turn?
    Yes, subject to the usual rules for Disembarking on p.67.

    33) If a model is mounted on a bike/jetbike can it still benefit from +1 attack from pistol and close combat weapon?

    34) Can I use Apocalypse rules or models?
    No, you must only use those rules and units from the 5th Edition main rules book and your codex, no Apocalypse only units or rules can be used.

    35) Am I able to gain the benefits of any of my opponent’s wargear or special rules, such as Teleport Homers, Chaos Icons, Tyranid Synapse, Necron Resurrection Orbs etc?
    No, you cannot use or gain the benefits from any of the wargear or special rules of your opponent’s army, unless specifically stated.

    36) When disembarking from a vehicle can I open the access ramp/door in order increase the disembarkation distance from the hull of the vehicle?
    No as per the p67 of the main rulebook you must disembark with 2” for the access point on the hull of the vehicle. Note this also applies for embarkation.

    37) Can a unit assault from a Land Raider that has moved that turn regardless of variant and codex?
    Yes, all Land Raiders have the Assault Vehicle rule as detailed on p81 of Codex Space Marines “Models disembarking from any access point on a Land Raider can launch an assault on the turn they do so”.

    38) How does TLOS work for shooting out of a vehicles access points? E.g. if the hatches of my rhino are glued shut how does an embarked model draw a line of sight?
    See p66 of the main rulebook, range and line of sight are measured from the fire point, not the embarked model.

    39) If my opponent physically places an embarked unit in an open topped vehicle and I can draw line of sight to the unit, can I shoot at it?
    No, p66 of the main rulebook states that when a unit embarks it is removed from the table. Your opponent may place a model(s) in or on the vehicle to identify which units are embarked, this is purely to identify which transport is occupied, however they cannot be targeted.

    40) Can a walker run and fire smoke launchers?
    Yes (see page 72 of the rule book)

    41) If a walker fires smoke launchers in the shooting phase and then assaults an enemy unit and wipes them out, does the walker count as obscured in the subsequent enemy shooting phase?

    42) Does a Force Weapon kill Eternal Warriors outright or does the instant kill rule apply (which Eternal Warriors are immune to)?
    No, Under 5th edition ALL Force Weapons cause instant death therefore do not kill Eternal Warriors outright

    43) Can Psychic power be used on a unit embarked on a transport?
    Only psychic powers that do not need line of sight can be used on units embarked on a transport, in which case range is measured to the hull.

    44) If an independent Character such as Captain Shrike is joined to a unit that is outflanking, when can he leave the unit?
    The independent character can leave the unit at any time in the movement phase after they have arrived on the table by simply moving him out of coherency with the units (See page 48 of the rule book)



    1) Can Captain Shrike join a squad before deployment and allow them to infiltrate?
    2) Drop pod footprint. A standard size would be nice and do they block LOS when they land, especially if you keep some petal doors up and some down?
    The footprint of the new Games Workshop drop pod model will be used for this. Use true line of sight for targeting purposes once the drop pod has descended. It is perfectly reasonable to keep some of the petal doors up as the occupants receive up to date information on the situation on the ground as they descend thus enabling them to deploy to their maximum advantage. Please note that if the petals are up or down, this must be represented on the model. If the petals are up, the drop pod is still open topped and the drop pod’s weapon cannot shoot as the petals block line of sight from the weapon. If you are using home drop pod, this last point still applies.

    3) Can Drop Pods scatter off the table?
    Yes, follow the rules as written on p95 of the main rulebook.

    4) Can a drop pod shoot on the turn it arrives?
    No, on the turn it arrives the drop pod counts as moving at cruising speed and therefore cannot shoot (see p95 of the main rulebook). The only exception to this is the Black Templars Codex where it clearly states that you can shoot.

    5) Can you select a space marine command squad without an accompanying IC (as a freestanding HQ choice)?

    6) It says "…any taken as Troops must be at least 5 models strong." Does this mean that a unit of Space Marine Bikes are allowed; for example, 4 normal Space Marine Bike models and 1 Attack Bike as their 5th model?

    7) [in the case of a tournament or campaign]Librarians pick 2 powers, noted in their Army List entry (p133) as being special rules not options. In the section on their powers itself however (p56), it says the 2 powers are chosen when the army is picked. As a codex is not written specifically for tournament/campaign play, does this therefore mean that you choose the powers based on not knowing what force you will be facing at all as per a tournament/campaign set up (i.e. 2 powers chosen before the event begins) or based on knowing who you will be facing, but not exactly what (e.g. at arrival to the to the games table when you find out your opponent is Tyranids, but before deployment etc and discovery of how whether it is horde or monster heavy)?
    Psychic powers are chosen before the tournament begins and should be noted on the army list as per any other item or ability.

    8) Also, in the new codex there is a possible misprint. The Vindicator’s rules list the Demolisher Cannon as Ordnance; the weapons table at the back of the book lists it as Ordnance Barrage, which is the correct one?

    9) If a 10man unit is split into two combat squads, does my opponent get 1 or 2 kill points if they destroy both squads? Likewise if they only destroy one, do they get only 1 kill point?
    1 kill point per combat squad. For the purposes of the game each combat squad functions as an independent unit as per p51 of Codex: Space Marines.

    10) Assault Marines can swap their jump packs for a Rhino, does this Rhino count as an extra kill point when destroyed?
    Yes, as would any other transport vehicle.

    11) Can gun servitors move and shoot heavy weapons?
    No. They have no special rules, which would allow this to happen.

    12) Does the Legion of the Damned wear Power Armour?
    No. Due to their immaterial nature they have no physical armour, only 3+ invulnerable.

    13) Can Scout Bikers turbo boost for their scout move?
    Yes as per the Rule Book Errata.

    14) If I have two 10 man tactical squads that I wish to split into combat squads, how is this affected by the deployment limit of two troop choices in the Dawn of War scenario?
    The decision to split units into combat squads must be made when the unit is deployed therefore you can only deploy one squad if you wish to split into two combat squads as this meets the maximum two troop choices on the board during deployment.

    15) If I have use Shrike in my army he gives any unit he joins the infiltrate special rule. If I then attach another independent character to the unit does the whole unit benefit from the Infiltrate special rule?
    No, any universal special rule as per p74 to p76 of the rule book that have an asterisk ( * ) against it is automatically lost when an independent character without the special rule joins the unit. Note that Shrike rule give only the unit he joins infiltrate, further independent characters who join the unit are not part of the unit.

    16) Can a Librarian use the Gates of Infinity psychic power whilst in close combat?
    Yes, the librarian and any unit he is with is removed in the movement phase from the combat and placed back on the table as per the description on p57 of the space marine codex. Any enemy unit left behind as a result and that is not still locked in combat can consolidate at the end of the movement phase.

    17) When a Librarian uses the Gates of Infinity psychic power can he benefit from the effects of teleport homers and locator beacons to prevent him scattering when he is placed back on the table?
    The librarian can use the benefit of Locator Beacons to prevent scattering as Locator Beacons (page 67) can be used by any unit that deep strikes, however the Librarian cannot benefit from Teleport Homers, even if he is wearing terminator armour as these can only be used by Terminators who teleport onto the battle field.

    18) Can a Librarian use the Gates of Infinity psychic power when falling back?

    19) The Vortex of Doom psychic power is a shooting psychic attack, which is Heavy 1, can I move and use this power if the Librarian is in terminator armour or on a bike?
    Yes, terminator armour and bikes confer the relentless special rule, which allows you move and fire weapons that are heavy

    20) Can the Master of the Forge use both a Conversion Beamer and a Bike and if so can he move and fire the Conversion Beamer?
    The answer to both these question is yes

    21) Telion's description says that he can fire his bolter with the following profile: Heavy 2…... Does this mean he can only fire it with this profile or can he fire it like a normal bolt gun as well?
    Telion can only fire his Stalker Pattern Bolter with the profile on p88 of Codex Space Marines; he cannot fire it as a standard bolter.

    22) Does the Chapter Master’s Orbital Bombardment require line of sight?
    No, it is an ordnance barrage weapon and does not require line of sight .See p32 of the main rulebook.

    23) For the purposes of cover saves, from what direction is the orbital bombardment deemed to come from, if I am behind cover as opposed to in cover, do I gain a cover save?
    As detailed on p32 of the main rulebook, the shot is an Ordnance barrage and as such assume the direction of the blast is coming from the centre of the blast marker for the purposes of cover saves

    24) Does Vulkan Hestan’s Chapter Tactics special ability apply to the Flamestorm Cannon on the Land Raider Redeemer?
    No, the Flamestorm cannon is not one of the weapons listed on page 93 of the Codex Space Marines

    25) Is Vulkan Hestan’s Gauntlet of the Forge a heavy flamer?

    26) Thunderfire Cannon: in a mission using Kill Points, if I destroy the thunderfire cannon, the Techmarine survives, then I shoot at him again and he dies, do I score 1 or 2 Kill Points?
    The Thunderfire Cannon and the Techmarine form an artillery unit, worth 1 kill point, in order to earn the kill point you must destroy both the Thunderfire Cannon and the Techmarine.

    27) If I have more than one unit of scout bikers can I booby trap the same piece of terrain more than once?
    No, each player can only booby-trap a piece of terrain once, (see page 67 of Codex Space Marines), however if both players have Scout Bikers they can both booby trap the same piece of terrain.

    28) If a piece of terrain is booby trapped by both players, how many hits does a unit that moves into the booby trapped terrain take?
    Any unit that moves into a piece of terrain that has been booby-trap by both players will set off both sets of mines, and the unit will take 2d6 hits, twice, resolved simultaneously.

    29) Do Scout Bikers booby-trap terrain before or after infiltrators?
    Before. Terrain is boobytrapped after terrain is placed but before deployment and infiltrators.

    30) Does a unit in a piece of booby-trapped terrain trigger the mines when it moves through, out of, or remains stationary within the terrain piece?
    No, only units moving into the boobytrapped terrain piece trigger the mines.

    31) If I deploy a unit into booby trapped terrain, do I set off the mines?
    Yes, at the start of your first movement phase resolve the effects of the mines.

    32) If a drop pod lands in mined terrain and the unit disembarks, which unit is hit, the unit or the drop pod, or both?
    The drop pod only, as specified on page 66 of Codex Space Marines

    33) If I buy a command squad bikes, it does not say that their unit status changes to bikes, is this correct?
    No this is an oversight and the command squad’s status changes from Infantry to Bikes. So no bikes in drop pods please!

    34) Pedro Kantor’s Inspiring Presence special rule states that “All friendly units within 12” of Pedro Kantor receives +1 Attack…” is this +1 Attack for each model in the unit?

    35) If I choose to pass a morale check using Marneus Calgar’s God of War rule, does the unit suffer “No retreat” wounds?
    Yes, page 44 of the rule book clarifies that units that automatically pass a moral check due to a special rule do suffer wounds. Choosing to pass constitutes an automatic pass.

    36) Can a Space Marines character’s Combat Tactics or Chapter Tactics be used by allied forces within the same army, e.g. if taken as an ally in a Witch Hunters army?
    No it only applies to Space Marines

    37) Can a Land Raider move at cruising speed, fire its smoke launchers and use 'Power of the Machine Spirit' to fire a weapon?
    Yes, as the Power of The Machine Spirit allows the vehicle to fire one more weapon than normal.

    38) It says in the rule for the Chapter Master’s orbital bombardment, that he can only use this if he did not move in the preceding movement phase? Can he use this ability in the following circumstances?

    o He was embarked on a transport that moved?
    No, p66 of the main rulebook states that models firing from a vehicle count as moving if the vehicle moved.

    o If he is in reserve?
    No, in order to call down the barrage the Chapter Master must be on
    the table in the turn that he uses this ability.

    o If he is has the benefit of the relentless rule, either by virtue of riding a bike or
    terminator armour?
    No, Relentless only applies to heavy weapons and rapid fire weapons
    and has no benefit when firing ordnance barrage weapons.



    1) Does the Emperor’s Champion count towards an army’s compulsory HQ choice?
    Yes, see official errata.

    2) Can you assault out of a Black Templars Land Raider?

    3) Can a Black Templar unit embark on an empty dedicated transport bought for another unit?
    No, the codex clearly states that only the unit it is purchased for can embark.

    4) Does the ‘Kill them All!’ rule mean that I have to test not to fire at the closest enemy?
    Yes, that rule still works perfectly as written; meaning that Black Templar infantry jump infantry and bikes must test (with a -1 Ld modifier!) in order not to shoot at the closest target.

    5) Codex Marines has a number of pieces of war gear and vehicles with different rules and stats to those in my codex, which rules do I use?
    In all cases use all the rules and points cost as specified in your codex.

    6) If multiple Castellan Minefields occupy the same area do enemy models that move roll for each minefield or just once?
    Roll for each minefield.

    7) Do Black Templars still have to run towards the nearest enemy unit when they take shooting casualties (and pass a morale check)?
    Under 5th Ed this rule has now changed, as the massacre result no longer exists in the rulebook. The 5th Ed consolidate rule now simply states the unit may move up to d6” in any direction. In this case the Codex Black Templars rule that the unit must move towards the nearest visible enemy unit is still valid so if the unit passes the morale test it must move up to d6” towards the nearest visible enemy unit. It is not necessary to move the full d6” but as the move is compulsory, providing it is physically possible to do so, every model in the unit must end this move closer to the nearest visible enemy unit than it did at the start of the move.



    1) Can Dark Angels assault from a Drop Pod?
    It is open-topped and has deployed by deep-strike rather than moving a set distance? No, see the official errata and the main rulebook p 94.

    2) The Master of the Ravenwing allows a member of an Attack Squadron to be upgrade to carry a Narthecium and Reductor. Can this model also take a special weapon?

    3) If a Plasma Gun is carried by a biker, can it fire the full distance even if the model moved?
    Yes, bikes have the Relentless universal special rule, which allows you to shoot if as stationary, see p76 of the main rulebook.

    4) I am taking the Deathwing and I am going to use the nifty Deathwing Assault. If I hold 2 squads and Belial in reserve does this mean that I can deep strike the one squad (and Belial if I attach him) on turn one or do I have in effect 3 units in reserve (as the errata says Independent Character’s count as a unit if they are held in reserve)? Or if I hold a single squad in reserve and Belial can I deep strike them both (provided that Belial is attached to the squad) on turn one?
    Independent Characters wearing Terminator Armour must join and enter play with Deathwing Terminator Squads as stated in the Dark Angel Codex, p28.

    5) Do characters count towards the number of Deathwing Terminator squads in reserve but can only come down on the first turn if they join a terminator squad?
    No, they must join a squad in order to Deep Strike, so they don’t count on their own.

    6) Codex Space Marines has a number of pieces of wargear and vehicles with different rules and stats to those in my codex, which rules do I use?
    In all cases use all the rules and points cost as specified in your codex.



    1) Can Chaos Sorcerers use the abilities of their force weapon if they have used a psychic power earlier that turn?
    As standard only one psychic power can be used per player turn (p50 of the main rule book), don’t forget that a game turn consists of one player turn for each player (p9 of the main rule book). So for example you could use a psychic power in your player turn and use the force weapon in your opponent’s player turn, however you cannot use a psychic power and a force weapons special abilities in the same player turn. A sorcerer with the Mark of Tzeentch however can use two psychic powers per player turn, therefore can use a psychic power and a force weapon in the same player turn.

    2) The Lash of Submission psychic power can be somewhat confusing
    please refer to the Chaos Space Marine FAQ for instructions on how to use the power correctly.

    3) If you buy a Chaos Space Marine Bike Squadron an Icon of Tzeentch, when they turbo boost do they receive the +1 to their invulnerable save, giving them a 2+ invulnerable save?
    No, as they do not normally have an Invulnerable Save, the Icon would give the unit a permanent 5+ Invulnerable Save. If the unit then Turbo Boosted, they would only receive a 3+ Cover Save for that turn.

    4) Can a model with the mark of Tzeentch use the "Gift of chaos" power twice, from its' description it is not a shooting power?

    5) Is a Chaos Spawn created by the casting of the "Gift of Chaos" power worth any kill points?

    6) Do spawn created by the "Gift of chaos" power form their own units or should they join with any existing spawns to limit the number of units as suggested in the spawn entry?
    Each spawn forms its own unit.

    7) Kharn the Betrayer is immune to psychic powers. What happens if he is in a unit that is targeted by one, like the Lash of Submission for example? Does he confer his immunity to the unit?
    No, the unit will be affected but not Kharn himself. In the specific case of the Lash of Submission the unit is effect but Kharn is not so move the unit as per the rules for Lash of Submission except that the unit cannot break coherency with Kharn who cannot be moved.

    8) If I roll a 1 when rolling for the number of attacks with my Demon Weapon it states I may not make any ‘armour saves’. Can I still make invulnerable saves?
    Only invulnerable saves make be taken.

    9) If I roll a 1 when using a Blissgiver Daemon Weapon do I inflict Instant Death upon myself?
    No, you merely suffer 1 wound. Instant Death is only inflicted on an enemy model.

    10) Can Independent Characters with one Mark join with units with a different Mark or Icon?
    Yes, bear in mind though; that Independent Characters do not benefit directly from any Icons a unit carries. Also be aware that the Chaos gods might well smite you for your lack of faith!

    11) Does Huron Blackheart's Warptime psychic power affect ‘to wound’ rolls made with his Heavy Flamer attack?

    12) If my Chaos Dreadnought ‘Fire Frenzies’ can I fire smoke launchers to stop it from shooting with its weapons?
    No. It must fire all its weapons if possible.

    13) When my Chaos Dreadnought ‘Fire Frenzies’ how do I resolve it’s shooting?
    Do I simply fire with twice the usual rate of fire or do I fire once normally, resolve casualties and then repeat? You fire once with double the normal rate of fire.

    14) If my Chaos Dreadnought ‘Blood Rages’ and runs forwards can I still use Smoke Launchers?
    Yes you can.

    15) Exactly what unit counts as being a "chaos space marine" with regards to Fabius Bile's ability to upgrade them?
    Only Chaos Space Marine squads can be affected by this ability. Note that for example Berserkers, Raptors, Chosen are not “Chaos Space Marines”

    16) Do Chaos models with wings count as Jump Infantry?
    No, as per the Chaos Codex Errata.

    17) What happens when I attempt to use Lash of Submission on an artillery unit such as the Thunderfire Cannon?
    The artillery piece is classified as a vehicle as stated on page 55 of the rulebook and therefore cannot be affected by the power as detailed on page 88 of Codex Chaos Space Marines. As the crew forms a unit with the artillery piece, the power cannot be used on the crew alone and therefore has no effect on the unit as long as the artillery piece remains in play. If however the artillery piece is destroyed the power will work against the crew as normal.



    1) Can you use a Squad of Grey Knights using the allies rule from Daemonhunters?
    Yes, Imperial armies can take allied Daemonhunter or Witch Hunter units as per the rules detailed in their respective codices.

    2) Does the shrouding rule apply to Grey Knight Dreadnoughts (or other Grey Knight vehicles such as Land raiders)?
    No, the Shrouding rule only applies to Grey Knights units with the “Grey Knights” special rule. As neither the Dreadnoughts nor other Grey Knight vehicles have this rule, they do not have the Shrouding rule.

    3) Do Psycannons ignore cover saves?
    No, just invulnerable saves.

    4) There are a number of differences between Inquisition vehicles and their respective Space Marine equivalents. Should we use the rules in the Space Marine Codex for all Land Raiders as with Assault Cannons?
    See the official errata for more details. The rules for those vehicles should be used exactly as printed in the appropriate Codex.

    5) For Daemonhunters, what should be the point’s cost of a Land Raider Crusader, and what profile should a Grey Knights Land Raider Crusader use for the Assault Cannon?
    You must take it as ‘Rules as Written’ and use the point’s cost and stats as printed in the Daemonhunters Codex.

    6) Do mystics allow free shots at the Drop Pod, the squad, both or not at all?
    They can shoot at either the Drop Pod or the unit when it disembarks, see the official errata.

    7) Can the Neural Shredder instant kill models? If so models with T4 or Ld4?
    Yes, but only when the weapon’s Strength of 8 is double or more the target’s Ld value, see official errata.

    8) Does 'A word in your ear' movement require difficult/dangerous terrain tests to be taken?

    9) Can 'a word in your ear' affect Infiltrators (given it is within normal deployment zones, restriction)?

    10) If Jump back is at the start of the assault phase, does this means the Assassin (or any model it was engaged with) can still declare a charge in the same turn?
    The Assassin may declare a charge, but the squad it was engaged with may only consolidate at the end of the Assault Phase.

    11) When exactly does 'A word in your ear' happen compared to Infiltrate, scout and Eldrad's Divination?
    At the start of the game, after Infiltrators have been deployed but before Scout movements are made. Should Eldrad be on the board, roll a D6 to determine which works first.

    12) Can I take an allied Elite Inquisitor from the Witch Hunters’ Codex and an Assassin from the Daemonhunters Codex in a space marine army? You are only allowed 1 Elite choice from each Codex but must include an Inquisitor in your army before you can include an Assassin. Can the Inquisitor be from a different codex, or must you therefore use an allied HQ Inquisitor?
    No, see the official errata.

    13) Does an Imperial Guard Priest allow me to take unit choices from the Inquisitorial codexes such as Arco-Flagellants, which specify that you must have a priest in your army? Does this mean a Priest from the same Codex or do all Priests count the same?

    14) Can Gun Servitors move and shoot heavy weapons?

    15) If I use a Mystic to get a ‘free shot’ can Gun Servitors that moved in their own turn just past, shoot as well?

    16) Can an Inquisitor with Scourging take a ‘free shot’ using this power, and how many times can he do it a turn? E.g. one unit Deep Strikes nearby and gets shot with scourging as it lands, than another unit Deep Strikes in range of the Inquisitor’s Mystic, can he use the power on this unit as well?
    The Inquisitor may use this power every time a unit Deep Strikes within range, if two units Deep Strike within range, then the Inquisitor can use the power twice in the same turn!

    17) Can the Witch Hunters item 'Simulacrum Imperialis' be used by any unit on the table or just the one holding it (the codex is unclear)?
    Only the unit holding



    1) Kugath the Plaguefather has an ordnance weapon, I'm unsure as to whether he can move and fire this? Can he assault if he does fire it?
    Yes to both.

    2) Do the Nurglings produced by Kugath form one unit or individual units?
    They form individual units (and thus each give away a kill point if destroyed).

    3) When you use the "Boon of Mutation" psychic power you can create spawn, do these form one single unit or does each spawn become an individual unit, and are they worth kill points?
    Each spawn forms an individual unit and is each unit is worth 1 kill point.

    4) Can Daemons, which are beasts or cavalry, climb up a level in a building or ruin?
    No, See p83 on Moving Within Ruins of the main rulebook.

    5) The Tally of Pestilence says casualties caused by Nurgle units are added to the Tally, what counts as a Nurgle unit?
    Nurgle units are all units (including characters in the Daemons of Chaos Codex with Nurgle in its title or that has the mark of Nurgle, all units in the Chaos Space Marine Codex that have the Mark or an icon of Nurgle and Plague Marines from the Chaos Space Marine Codex

    6) Do casualties caused by opponent Nurgle units count towards the Tally?

    7) Does my opponent benefit from the effects of the Tally if he has Nurgle units in his army?

    8) If both my opponent and I have Epidemius in our armies what effect does this have?
    The presence of two Epidemius models has no effect on the Tally count or the benefits it bestows. Providing there is at least one Epidemius on the table Nurgle units on both sides benefit from the effects of the Tally of Pestilence.

    9) Which of the following casualties adds towards the Tally of Pestilence?

    -Models killed by a vehicle explosion?
    Yes, providing the vehicle was destroyed by a unit with the Mark of Nurgle.

    -A Chaos character killing himself with his Nurgle Daemon Weapons?

    -A Nurgle Sorcerer becoming a casualty from Perils of the Warp?

    -Nurgle models killed as a result of a failed dangerous terrain check?

    -Models killed as a result of no retreat wounds

    -Models that are killed from a successful sweeping advance performed by a nurgle unit?


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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by Anarkhia on Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:31 pm



    1) Can Dark Eldar Reaver Jet Bikes carry Webway Portals?

    2) Does Lilith Hesperax gain the advantage of the Combat Drugs her retinue gets?
    Yes, see official errata.

    3) Is Lilith’s army legal for the Grand Tournament?
    Yes, see the official errata.

    4) Do Reaver Jet Bikes count as being Eldar Jet Bikes for the purposes of extra movement in the assault phase?

    5) Do you need to inform your opponent who has a Webway Portal?
    No, however all models in the army must be WYSIWG and your roster should clearly state which model is carrying the Webway Portal(s).

    6) What size should the Webway Portal be?
    It should be the size of a small blast template, which is big enough for a Raider/Talos to move through.

    7) Nightmare Doll - can this be used to make your opponent re-roll to see who goes first?
    No, this is only used to determine choice of sides and that is decided after you roll to see who chooses to go first or second. In 5th Edition this wargear therefore has no benefit.

    8) Please clarify saving throws afforded to Mandrakes in regards to their Shadow-skin?
    See the main rulebook p39 Taking Saves, second paragraph states that, "cover does not provide protection in close combat". Therefore the following saves apply to Mandrakes:

    -They have a 5+ armour save.

    -They have a 5+ cover save from shooting attacks if in the open.

    -They add +2 to their cover save from shooting attacks if already in cover e.g. a 4+ coversave for woods and ruins becomes a 2+ cover save.

    -They revert to their normal armour save in close combat, as cover does not provide protection in close combat. I.e. they receive a 5+ armour save. However, when charged/or charging they always count as in cover. (This includes being assaulted by a second unit when already in combat. Most units would not count as in cover but Mandrakes do)

    9) Do fearless troops automatically fall back from close combat if beaten by a unit of Grotesques?
    No, the Fearless rule means you do not take a test at all; therefore there is no test to be failed.

    10) The codex states you capture all models in an assault if they run away and you move further than them. How does this work in 5th Edition?
    This refers to the 3rd edition assault rules and should now be “If you equal or beat the enemies Initiative roll then all models in the assault are captured, see p40 on Sweeping Advances.

    11) Which models benefit from the Goblet of Spite?
    If a Wych Succubus carries the Goblet of Spite, all models in the Succubus' unit including the Succubus herself and any Independent Characters that have joined the unit will hit on a 3+. In addition any enemy models in base contact with the succubus, her unit or any Independent Character's that have joined the succubus’ unit will also hit on a 3+.



    1) How do I calculate the ram value for Eldar skimmers using Star Engines (which adds 12” to its move in the shooting phase)? For example, if the skimmer moves 24”, then 12” with star engines for a total of 36”, it would get +1Str for every 3” so 12, plus 1 for being a tank, and plus 2 for AV 12, making a total of 15? It says in the Ramming rules that the strength bonus is for every 3” moved this turn, not specifically movement phase?
    Ramming is performed in the movement phase therefore Star Engines have no impact on the strength calculation as they are used in the shooting phase.

    2) Could you please clarify whether a vehicle hit by a Vibro Cannon, which has no LOS to the vehicle, will have an obscured save?
    Yes, if the vehicle is obscured it will get a save

    3) It was ruled that the Warlock power 'embolden' can be used to re-roll psychic tests (even ones that passed on a double one). The wording for embolden says, "may be used to re-roll any failed leadership tests". Is there now no distinction between a Psychic Test and a Leadership Test?
    It states clearly in the main rulebook. “to use a psychic power successfully the psyker must pass a Psychic Test, which is a normal Leadership Test.” See p50.

    4) What counts as 'failed' for a Farseer with runes of witnessing: lowest two dice over a 10, or do lowest two dice as double 1's count too, as they cause Perils of the Warp (despite technically passing the test)?
    Lowest two dice as double 1 is not a failed test and so does not count. Lowest two dice totalling over 10 (Ld of Farseer) is the only situation that is classed as failed in this instance.

    5) Does defending against Mind War or Mind Wyrm count as a Leadership Test? Or do you just mean morale, pinning, target priority tests and horrifying visage (flayed ones) can be rerolled?
    No, it states quite clearly in the main rulebook the definition of a Leadership Test. “In the case of a leadership test, roll 2D6 (two dice added together…). If the result is equal to orless than the model’s Leadership, the test is passed.

    6) Can you clarify which Eldar Psychic Powers work as a shooting attack?

    -Doom: Not a shooting attack

    -Conceal: Not a shooting attack

    -Fortune: Not a shooting attack

    -Guide: Not a shooting attack

    -Embolden: Not a shooting attack

    -Enhance: Not a shooting attack

    -Mind War: Classed as a shooting attack

    -Eldritch Storm: Classed as a shooting attack

    -Destructor: Classed as a shooting attack

    7) Can a Farseer cast the following psychic powers whilst inside a vehicle: Doom, Guide and Fortune?
    Yes, as per the official Rule Book errata. Those psychic powers that count as shooting attacks (see Q161) may be 'fired' from a Fire-Point. All those listed as non-shooting attacks do not require line of sight, and thus, as per the official FAQ, range is measured from the vehicle's hull.

    8) Can a Psychic power be used on a unit embarked on a transport?
    Only psychic powers that do not need line of sight can be used on units embarked on a transport, in which case range is measured to the hull.

    9) Do Eldar Autarchs stack their reserve bonus rolls?

    10) Do Warp Spiders have to take a dangerous terrain test if their 2D6" assault phase move takes them into difficult terrain?

    11) Can I assault an Eldar guardian weapons platform if it is the only model in range?
    No, see p39 of the Eldar Codex.

    12) Can you get cover saves from Mind War?

    13) Can a Farseer target a Carnifex with mind war and then a unit of gaunts with eldritch storm? A
    s long as he has Spirit Stones, he may use two psychic powers, however he must target the same unit.

    14) What happen when a Farseer with Runes of Witnessing casts a power, but there is a model with Shadows of the Warp on the board?
    They cancel each other out.

    15) Does mind war still need Line of Sight to its target (given the new shooting rules)?

    16) How do Runes of Witnessing work vs. Runes of Warding?
    Follow description in official errata.

    17) If a Farseer casts Fortune on a unit that he has joined at the start of the turn and then decides to leave the unit in the Movement Phase who does Fortune remain in play on?
    It remains on the unit it was originally cast on.

    18) Can Eldar Jet Bikes that use the Turbo Boost special rule for bikes and make their extra 6” move in the Assault Phase?
    No, see p76 on Turbo Boosting.

    19) Does a Space Marine Psychic Hood work against Warlock psychic powers such as Conceal and Destructor?
    Warlock psychic powers are available permanently and do not follow the standard rules for psychic powers (i.e.; take a psychic test, etc). As a result, a Psychic Hood would not work against a Warlock in the above example.

    20) Does the Veil of Tears power work against every weapon, even guess range weapons and marker light hits?
    Every model targeting the Harlequin unit needs to test against the Veil of Tears if they wish to shoot at them, regardless of the weapon type.

    21) Does Acute Senses work against the Veil of Tears?
    No, as it only works in conjunction with the Night Fighting rule.

    22) Can a unit of Swooping Hawks Deep Strike and Sky leap in the same turn?

    23) Can Fire Prisms combine shots if any are ‘Crew Stunned’ or ‘Crew Shaken’?

    24) Can Eldrad Ulthuan Fire 2 Mind Wars or 2 Eldritch Storms (or a mixture of both) at different targets because of his staff?
    As they are both classed as shooting attacks, he may not target two different units in the same turn.

    25) Can Eldrad Ulthuan cast Guide twice on different units or the same unit if the first fails to cast?
    Yes to both questions.

    26) Can Eldrad Ulthuan guide Vibro Cannons?

    27) Do Vibro Cannons need Line of Sight?

    28) Do Wraith canons cause a penetrating hit on skimmers moving fast?

    29) What happens first; reserve rolls, or Eldar psychic powers?
    Eldar Psychic Powers, then Reserve Rolls.

    30) When Swooping Hawks Deep Strike what is resolved first; their Deep Strike or Grenade Packs?
    For the grenade packs to work, the unit must have used Deep Strike that turn, so the Deep Strike would be resolved first.

    31) How do Swooping Hawk grenade packs and Harlequin's Veil of Tears interact?
    Once the Swooping Hawks have successful deep struck and are on the table, roll 2d6 x 2 for spotting distance as normal. If the unit is more than this distance away they cannot be targeted with the grenade pack.

    32) Can an Autarch on a Jet bike carrying a Reaper Launcher move-fire-move/assault?

    33) Does a Farseer have to remain attached to a Warlock Squad?
    No, as it isn’t a retinue, they count as separate units and are treated as such (including for Kill Point purposes).

    34) Can you please confirm how the Autarch rules affect reserve rolls in the new rules? For example, on turn 4 can you choose to add +1 to the roll and make it automatic, or does it still need a 2+ (on the basis of a roll of 1 always fails)?
    You may add +1 to your dice role for each Autarch in your army and then determine whether your reserves arrive. Automatic arrivals are from turn 5 only.

    35) Does a Farseer casting Fortune on a vehicle allow it to re-roll failed saves?

    36) Is the Avatar Immune to the effects of the Flamestorm Cannon on the Land Raider Redeemer?



    1) Where do you measure from to see if a Necron is in 6" of a unit of the same type for WBB rolls (does the whole unit get to roll if only one is in range)?
    If any damaged Necron is within 6” of an undamaged Necron of the same type (or a Tomb Spyder within 12”) it may attempt WBB. This is subject to the usual restrictions however.

    2) If a Necron Lord self-repairs, but standing him back up will put him within 1 inch of an enemy model (or even directly into base contact if he is totally surrounded), what happens?
    If the Lord was in close combat with the unit within 1” of him when he fell, he is placed back into close combat. If he was not in combat with the unit, he is place 1” away from the enemy unit.

    3) Does a model with augmented strength (such as a Power Fist or Witchblade lose its strength bonus when attacking a Monolith?
    No, the model will still receive its strength bonus against a Monolith as this is used to determine the models strength, not armour penetration.

    4) Can Fire Prisms using the combined shot ability count the raised strength against a Monolith?
    Yes, same reasons as above.

    5) How does forcing a Necron army to Phase Out impact on tournament points?
    The Necron player would score Victory Points up to the point they Phased Out. Their opponent would automatically win and get the maximum Victory Points for the Necron army. Furthermore they should play out the remaining turn(s) to seize any objectives.

    6) In my Necron Codex in clearly states that when a unit is teleported through the Monolith portal they count as disembarking from a stationary transport vehicle even if the Monolith has already moved. However in later versions of the Codex it simply says they count as disembarking from a transport vehicle, which version should I use?
    You must always use the latest printing of the Codex. See official errata for further clarification on disembarking Necrons from a Monolith.

    7) Does the Necron Gauss rule work against a Monolith?
    Yes it does.

    8) When ramming a Monolith, how is the strength of the ram calculated?
    Calculate the strength of the ram as specified on page 69 of the rulebook as normal.

    9) Can the Deceiver special character use the “deceive” special ability and run in the same turn?
    The “deceive” power counts as a shooting attack and therefore the Deceiver cannot use this power and run in the same turn

    10) Does the Tank Hunter skill have any affect on Monoliths?

    11) Do Necrons, within range of a Resurrection Orb that are killed by a Thunder Hammer and then make their “we’ll be back” roll fight at Initiative 1 in the next assault phase?



    1) It says in the Ork Codex that I can call a Waaagh in the shooting phase, can this be at any time in the shooting phase?
    No. An Ork player calls a Waaagh at the beginning of the shooting phase after Weirboy powers have been used but before any other shooting. Please note that this does not apply to Ghazghkull’s Waaagh which has it’s own rules.

    2) If you roll a double 1 or a double 6 when firing the Shokk Attack Gun, do the models that are removed from play get any sort of save?
    No, it is removed from play.

    3) What cover save does a vehicle within 6” of a Kustom Force Field receive?
    The Codex is unclear. All vehicles, including enemy vehicles, receive a 4+ cover save.

    4) Does a Wreckin’ Ball ignore armour saves?

    5) Does a Deff Rolla ignore armour saves?
    No, see p55 of the Ork Codex.

    6) Do the special attacks made by Deff Rollas (D6 x Strength 10 hits) when Tank Shocking apply when a Battlewagon carries out a ram against a vehicle?
    No, they only apply when tank shocking as detailed on p86 of the main rulebook.

    7) May Wazdakka Gutsmek shoot his Slugga, Kustom Mega-Blasta and his bike in the same shooting phase provided that he does not turbo boost?
    No he may not. Also note that Wazdakka rides the Bike of the Aporkalypse, which does not have a Dakka Gun.

    8) Can Zogworts Curse affect an Independent Character even if the Independent Character is in/part of a unit?

    9) Does Zogworts Curse ignore any sort of save?
    Yes, as it simply removes the model from play.

    10) Can a Warboss ever have a Big Choppa and a Power Klaw?
    No, he can replace his choppa for a Big Choppa or a Power Klaw, however he can only have one as he only has one choppa that he can replace.

    11) In the Nobs unit entry it says that “any Nob may take the following…” Does this mean that every Nob can have a Waaagh! Banner? If this is so, are the effects of the Waaagh! Banner cumulative?
    Yes, they could all be armed with Waaagh! Banners, however the effects are not cumulative.

    12) Do Tank Hammers ignore armour saves?

    13) Should Tank Bustas have Stick Bombz?

    14) If a truck suffers a penetrating hit, but does not explode and it is not wrecked, does the ‘Ramshackle’ rule apply?
    No, this is answered in the Ramshackle rules in the Ork Codex.

    15) Are Ork War bikes’ Dakkagun’s twin linked?
    Yes, see the official errata.

    16) Under the Ork Boyz entry it says that “the entire mob may replace its choppas and sluggas with shootas for no additional cost”. Later in the same entry it says that “Ork Nobz may replace their Choppas with Power Klaw’s or ‘Uge Choppas”. Therefore can a unit armed with Shootas take a Nob armed with either a Klaw or Uge Choppa?
    Yes, see official errata.

    17) For an infantry unit to benefit from the Kustom Force Field save, does the whole unit need to be within 6” or only part of the unit?
    A minimum of one model from a unit needs to be within 6” for the whole unit to benefit.

    18) For a vehicle unit to benefit from the Kustom Force Field save, does the entire model need to be within 6” or only part of the model/squadron?
    Any part of at least one of the vehicles in the squadron/unit needs to be within 6” for the Kustom Force Field save to apply. .

    19) Battlewagons may take a single Big Gun, which does not include crew. How much do the crew cost?
    You do not need to buy crew for the Big Guns, so no cost is needed.

    20) Does Ghazghull Thraka’s Waaagh! last for two turns; the rule says, "it lasts the remainder of the player's turn and for the following player's turn", or it is meant to last for the current turn and the following opponent turn only?
    Your current turn and your opponents following turn.

    21) Ammo runts allow one to hit to be re-roll per game. How does this effect template weapons?
    There is no to hit roll for template weapons therefore they have no effect.



    1) Codex: Tau Empire appears to list the 'Devilfish Transport' as a Troops option. Is this correct?
    The Devilfish is a dedicated transport, and is listed in the Troops section for clarity. It is not a Troops choice in itself.

    2) Do Gun Drones either on or disembarked from vehicles give away kill points when destroyed?
    When embarked gun drones do not give away kill points. Disembarked gun drones form a separate unit therefore they can contest objectives and are worth one kill point. Note that the gun drones and the parent vehicle form separate units, therefore if the vehicle is destroyed and the gun drones are not, the destroyed vehicle is worth one kill point, and the gun drones, which count as passengers, are forced to disembark and will be worth a further kill point if destroyed.


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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by WAM117 on Fri Mar 12, 2010 4:41 am

    One question Julian, if you shoot a Dedicated Transport and blow it up (e.g Land Raider) and the models inside (the Terminators) are out of the tank, could you assault that squad?

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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by Damkat on Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:07 am

    yes u can as per the rules on page 67 in the rule book.

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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by WAM117 on Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:59 am

    Ok thanks mate.


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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by WAM117 on Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:08 am

    One other question for anyone that can answer it. If the Autarch +1 to reserve rolls, does that mean that on turn one reserves can come in on a 6 or not?.

    Thanks, William.
    The King 7

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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by The King 7 on Fri Mar 12, 2010 7:22 am

    no will they basically come on the 2nd turn as normal but on a 3+ not a 4+ and on turn 3 on a 2+ not a 3+ and so on.

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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by Nixter on Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:19 am

    Hey, quick question, Vulkan's chapter tactics rule states that 'all flamers, heavy flamers, meltaguns and multimeltas count as twin-linked' does this apply to flamers, etc held by allies?

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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by Cfabre on Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:52 am

    developing from nicky's point, lots of special rules affect 'friendly models', not 'player-controlled' specifically. so does this mean it would also apply to allies (in apocalypse for example)?


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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by Damkat on Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:33 am

    Nixter wrote:Hey, quick question, Vulkan's chapter tactics rule states that 'all flamers, heavy flamers, meltaguns and multimeltas count as twin-linked' does this apply to flamers, etc held by allies?

    u fail to add the phrase 'in your army'.

    it states ' all units in your army lose combat tactics. Instead all Th in your army are master, and all flamers etc are twin-linked.'

    So the answer is clearly stated in vulcans rules. only your army.

    Colins question i think is something that we have to discuss between the admins and faq it.

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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by Anarkhia on Tue Mar 16, 2010 7:28 am

    Nixter wrote:Hey, quick question, Vulkan's chapter tactics rule states that 'all flamers, heavy flamers, meltaguns and multimeltas count as twin-linked' does this apply to flamers, etc held by allies?
    Cfabre wrote:Cfabreon Mon Mar 15, 2010 6:52 pmdeveloping from nicky's point, lots of special rules affect 'friendly models', not 'player-controlled' specifically. so does this mean it would also apply to allies (in apocalypse for example)?

    35) Am I able to gain the benefits of any of my opponent’s wargear or special rules, such as Teleport Homers, Chaos Icons, Tyranid Synapse, Necron Resurrection Orbs etc?
    No, you cannot use or gain the benefits from any of the wargear or special rules of your opponent’s army, unless specifically stated.
    Rules that specify "all friendly units" will convey to each ally as well, so they can benefit from them as well



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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by Caedes on Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:12 am

    Hey William was telling mi on Saturday that we can not use allies in the Campaign.

    Is this true?

    Because if it is................weak Neutral

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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by Anarkhia on Thu May 17, 2012 9:51 pm

    Here is an unofficial FAQ for all the armies (including the latest releases). It is used in unofficial events such as AdeptiCon, and should hopefully flatten out any unanswered questions from your codex/GW FAQs


    Imperial Armour



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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by Anarkhia on Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:24 pm


    This thread is in design for 5th edition so please disregard all of the above. We hope to be updating this in the near future to our current 6th edition of 40k.


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    Re: House Rules & FAQ

    Post by Sponsored content

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