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    Mycetic Spore vs Tank Shock / Mawloc Terror From The Deep



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    Mycetic Spore vs Tank Shock / Mawloc Terror From The Deep

    Post by Anarkhia on Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:00 am

    Ok, here lies a huge heated debate, over a bunch of forums, as to what on earth actually happens in this situation.

    Tank Shocking Rule:
    Once the vehicle has been "aimed" and the speed declared (a rule which we haven't been using properly so far, but will be required from now on. When a vehicle tank shocks you must declare how many inches in a straight line it is to make, and must move at least combat speed) move the vehicle straight forward until it comes into contact with an enemy unit, or until it reaches the distance declared.

    Any unit it comes into contact with it must pass a moral check or fall back. If the test is passed you leave the models where they are!. Keep on doing moral checks for every enemy unit it encounters until it reaches the distance declared. Then and only then if there are models underneath the vehicle, can they move out of the way or perform a death or glory (i.e. if i declare a tank shock to go for 17 inches, and i go through 3 units. All 3 units pass their moral checks, and i end my move on the unit that was furthest away; the 2 previous units I’ve gone "through" do not move at all. Only the last squad, which I’ve landed on can perform any moves/death or glory)

    Now the rules state "if some enemy models in the enemy unit would end up underneath the vehicle when it reaches its final position, these models must be moved out of the way by the shortest distance, leaving at least 1" from the vehicle and maintaining unit coherency"

    Mawloc Terror of the Deep Rule:
    After the mawloc has arrived and done the explosion and all that, it says that all surviving models underneath the template must be moved the shortest distance away. It also says "vehicles and immobile vehicles retain their original facing if they are moved", giving a slight resemblance to immobile units (despite it only saying so for vehicles)

    Mycetic Spore Immobile Pod Rule:
    "A mycetic spore cannot move for any reason once it has entered battle"

    Now the two possible solutions are as follows:

    1. - Spore moves the distance as it's not exactly moving, but rather being moved, and follows the standard rules (including immobile drop pods)

    2. - Spore simply gets squished if it fails a death or glory, or survives the mawlocs deep strike.

    I've created a poll for this so that you can decide for yourself what the outcome should be using the evidence provided.

    Also note that if any of you have any conflicting rules like so, do not hesitate to create a thread/poll on the situation so that the club can implement it as a house rule



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    Re: Mycetic Spore vs Tank Shock / Mawloc Terror From The Deep

    Post by ElvisIsntDead on Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:32 am


    does anyone actually read the codex?

    pg 51 on the nid dex, str6 ap 1 hit, survivors move, vehicles on rear armour, survivors move in immobile! so a spore/drop pod moves, hes pushes it to the side, however if for any reason it cant move, as it says, its destroyed!

    Not have i got something wrong coz i says it all in the book, and BTW, if the way you have written the tank shock rules is the correct way then ive been doing it right Smile


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    Re: Mycetic Spore vs Tank Shock / Mawloc Terror From The Deep

    Post by Cfabre on Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:07 am

    personally i think it shoulddie if it fails a death or glory. (does it have a Ld anyway?) but should otherwise be treated like a drop pod like you said.

    and on the note of tankshock, when u said 17", was that an example, or can u move more than the vehicles max movement( then again. 17" is within eldar vehicles max movement...)

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    Re: Mycetic Spore vs Tank Shock / Mawloc Terror From The Deep

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