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    GW2 is now out


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    GW2 is now out

    Post by Damkat on Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:03 am

    Ok guys i played GW2 for the first time yesterday and I really, Really enjoyed it.

    It brought something fresh to the MMO world, havent tried PVP yet but looking forward to World vs World vs World (which is basically 3 different servers thrown into a huge battle with each server trying to win, cool!!).

    I recomend any gamer to try it for themselves, it really is fun.


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    Re: GW2 is now out

    Post by Damkat on Wed Sep 12, 2012 2:23 am

    According to online info, over 4 million copies sold. Digital copies sold out and cant purchase till 6th october.

    It truly is a good game.

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    Re: GW2 is now out

    Post by Vangeleon on Wed Sep 12, 2012 2:42 am

    Stuck with Smite atm, loads of fun, without such long term play/dedication.

    im actually quite loving it, brings on old memories of good old DoTa.

    Read some reviews of GW2, all reviews look good, but all seem to say that it brings nothing new to mmos but does a good job at bringing in a polished item.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Re: GW2 is now out

    Post by Damkat on Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:11 am

    I actually really like the game, and it is not revolutionary but it is a refreshing MMO.
    Ill briefly add my thoughts here.


    Set in a gorgeous world, brilliant graphics and sprites. The world as with many MMOs is absolutely huge. You travel round Kryta performing tasks which is a mixture between wow and WAR in the semse of public quests, which get harder the more players join. Also you can achieve skill points by completeing skill challenges which are dotted around the map to complete skill trees ( which are in addition to combat moves).
    You are ewarded for exploring, getting xps for visiting Vistas which are throughout the realm (similar to assasins creed).
    I have as yet not done an instance but there are several and what ive read they are pretty cool.


    Two types:

    1) PvP is where you are set against other players to claim objectives etc. Here you are set at max level (80) and you get availability to all the skills. Done this only a bit and it is fun.

    2) world vs world vs world (wvwvw) This my friends is very cool, it mixes WAR with WOW, however instead of only 2 factions competing for objectives there are 3 worlds fighting it out to gain control, assaulting/ defending castles, taking over the mill to prevent resources being gathered ( which can be used to strengthen defenses etc).Its everliving and constantly changing.
    It is effectively 3 servers thrown into a world to dominate it. And the maps are big.
    In wvwvw you can also do pve stuff (skill points, Vistas, Gathering etc)or do objectives and quests for xps.

    PvP especially wvwvw breathes freshness into a genre which has gone a little stale and repetitive. Its fun and exciting.


    I really like this system. You arm yourself with weapons and you have to unlock abilities through combat. Different classes can arm themselves with different weapon combos, each combo performing different powers.

    eg. a thief can arm himself with a bow (2 hands), a daggrer in main and a dagger or pistol in the off hand, a short sword in main and a dagger or pistol offhand; a pistol in main and a dagger or pistol in offhand.
    Each of these combos unlock different powers and offer different playstyles to the class.

    There is also another element to combat, underwater combat which gives you another set of weapons (harpoons, spearguns etc)and a 360 environment to combat in, very cool idea and excecuted well.

    You have utility powers which you unlock as you level, again these depend on what you want, the thief eg has traps or poisons or shadows etc.

    Talent tree- similar to other mmos where you spend skill points to mold ur character.

    Dynamic: gone are the days where you are in combat and have to stay still to cast that spell, watching numbers rolling of you and wairting for the healer to heal you, in GW2 you are mobile, constantly moving even whilst doing powers to avoid being hit. You can also dodge x amount of times till ur endurance recharges, avoiding big or debilitating hits.

    Death: when you are knocked down you can still fight, much like last stand in COD but you have a chance to get up/ or heal yourself/ be healed by other.

    No Healers: this takes a litttle getting used to. you do not need to rely on a healer class to see you through. All classes have a healing ability slot power (which can be changed for different healing powers) which you need to use wisely to survive. Its quite a good concept and once you play a little you get to see the benefits (unless of course you enjoyed spending your whole time healing others).

    Anyway im sure there are other things which i have failed to include such as crafting etc, but i havent touched that much to be honest, and this post is getting ridiculously long much to the point where one might think that Daniel has written it (porque we all know he can go on...and on...)

    Conclusion: very cool game with fresh ideas that may scare Blizzard into pulling up their socks.

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    Re: GW2 is now out

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