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    **Battle Report** Cryx vs Skorne 15pts (with pics)


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    **Battle Report** Cryx vs Skorne 15pts (with pics)

    Post by Vangeleon on Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:54 pm

    Finding myself a little bored this morning following a hectic night shift I decided to write a battle report for my fun but small 15 point game from yesterday of Cryx vs. Skorne. Additionally I was a little inspired so decided to add to the report with visual aid thanks to Vassal.

    *note* please bear in mind visuals were done from memory and measurements are not to be taken literally more of a visual guide based on what I remember.

    1st of all – The lists.
    My Cryx tier 3 – Venethrax list.

    Venethrax +6
    Seether 8
    Blood Gorgers 5
    Gen Gerlak 3
    Mech Thralls 3
    Necro Surgeon n Co 2

    His Skorne List. Range Shield wall

    Basilisk Drake x2
    Basilisk Krea
    Venetor Flayer Cannon x2

    I won the roll off and decided id deploy 1st.

    Before any of us deployed I placed my tier 2 practically useless 3 aoe clouds (that expire before any1s in any range to hide in or behind them).

    Below is our deployment and AD move.

    Turn 1 for both of us quite uneventful, I moved and cast my upkeep spells, he counter moved and up’s his own.

    Turn 2,

    I ran my guys up field closer to the enemy, and within range of his weapons, but was hoping I could ride out the storm and be rewarded by getting up close and personal where id hope to Skin myself some Skorne. I sent my Gorgers with Gerlak round the house hoping to put some pressure on his flank, whilst charging up my expendable Mech Thralls down the middle with Venethrax tucked in tight behind the Seether.

    His turn saw him move both his Drakes into range of my Blood Gorgers and spew on them, killing 2 (2 survived their tough rolls) and injuring Gerlak for 4 damage.

    His Cannons then proceeded to chew through my Mech Thralls and a Stitch Thrall. 2 corpse tokens for my Necro almost had myself a 3rd.

    (Those d3 shots r nasty, especially when hes rolling 5s and 6s for d3)

    Turn 3,
    I’m finally in melee.

    My Blood Gorgers charge the Drakes and Karax, most of them missing terribly, however a few managed to connect with one of the Drakes wounding it greatly however not killing it. This however allowed me to sneak in Gerlak to slip in a sneaky reach kill on the beast and killing spree into both the other Drake and into a Karax. I Swing at the Karax and roll a 1, 2 missing /cry.
    On the other side of the house my remaining Thralls all continue towards the enemy with their death wish.

    Now sitting far more threateningly, and with 2 corpse tokens my opponent knows he will have to wipe them all out if he does not want to see them slowly return.

    His turn,

    And this he does, his Cannons evaporate my remaining MechThralls resulting in a large waste of accumulated corpse tokens.
    In a Daring move he moves a free Karax into combat with Gerlak and on a single strike just manages to deliver enough damage to disable and then kill him (following a failed tough roll QQ). This frees up his Drake who goes onto spew over the remaining Gorgers killing another. (Two winning tough rolls see two Gorgers come out alive).

    He then made a mistake and forgot to use his Feat, to level it out so did I; on the next turn.

    Turn 4, Carnage!

    My remaining unengaged Gorgers charge the Drake finishing him off and take out one Karax (as an act of revenge for poor Gerlak).
    My Seether finally sees combat and charges the Karax shield wall, (Wanting to originally charge past them, would have resulted in many free strikes ). As expected he makes short work of both of them.

    Venethrax gets the itch and following a Control range check find myself within Charge range and charge the remaining Karax and protected Krea. I slaughter a front rank Karax and free up an attack path via reach to the Krea and proceed to munch on it, killing it and reaping its Rage and soul. Leaving myself in base to base with the remaining Karax.

    *** what I should have done is activated Venethrax 1st, popped his feat and proceeded to do as above (with better dice) and had a wall of AOEs blocking the potential fallback that I almost had coming my way. (Kind of made up for his blunder on his feat as well.)

    Turn 4, (his) almost winning move!

    With little option other than running with his skorne tail between his legs my opponent decided to gamble it all on a potential assassination run.

    It started with his Karax stepping out of combat with Venethrax and subsequently cleaved in two as his reward. This saw Venny sitting in the open with two nasty cannons pointed straight at him. I was sitting on 2 focus, Dragon slayer and about 3-5 soul tokens at this stage, not the strongest standing for Venny.
    Law of average came about and his 2d3 shots saw 2 shots fired, one of which missed the other just only clipping Venny for 4 damage.

    With the opening there he decided to cast spell for +5 speed on eMakeda move into combat with me and combo strike me, damage was something like 3d6 -3, the roll was 1, 2, 3 only taking 3 damage and killing her only hope, she tried with her remaining hits but between missing and not being able to beat the arm 20. Knowing the result on the following turn, with Venny sitting on around 9 focus, my opponent gracefully conceded.

    Overall a fun game, could have been better (had we both popped our feats) but was great to see my guys survive the charging directing into gun fire (man in the Iron Mask moment) only to reach the gun line and reap the rewards (at the cost a few thralls(cannonfodder ftw)).


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    Re: **Battle Report** Cryx vs Skorne 15pts (with pics)

    Post by Kelmacett on Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:53 pm

    It was a great game which clearly show cased how you can never count an enemy out until he is well and truly dead. Shame that my assassination run didnt work as it would have been the stuff of legend. lol. Razz

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