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    W40k: Space Marines


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    W40k: Space Marines

    Post by Damkat on Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:48 am


    Page 57, Quickening, second paragraph. Change the second paragraph as follows:
    The power is used at the beginning of the Librarian’s Shooting phase. If successful, the Librarian has the Fleet special rule and Initiative 10 until the end of the turn.

    Page 104, Mighty heroes, second paragraph. The third sentence should be changed as follows: Each also has the option for an extra HQ unit […]

    Page 138, Servitors. The first line should be changed at reprint to: You may include one unit of Servitors for every
    Techmarine or Master of the Forge in your army. These units do not count against your HQ or Elites allowance.

    Page 138, Legion of the Damned, Options. Change the second bullet point to: The Damned Sergeant may replace his boltgun
    and/or bolt pistol with:

    Page 66, 100, 144. The profile of Hellfire Rounds and Hellfire Shells should be changed by replacing ‘Strength X’ with ‘Strength 1’.

    Page 80 and 144. The profile of the demolisher cannon will be changed to Type Ordnance 1, Large Blast.


    Q. How do you count victory points for combat squads?

    A. Each combat squad is worth a number of victory points equal to half of the points value of the unit. For example, a ten man Tactical squad, upgraded to include a meltagun and a plasma
    cannon is worth a total of 180 points. If the squad was to be broken down into combat squads, each would be worth 90 victory points (regardless of which models were assigned to each combat squad). If at the end of the game, one combat squad had been wiped out and the other was reduced to two men, the enemy would
    score 135 victory points (90+45).

    Q. When you select some special characters (Shrike, Vulkan, etc.) all units in the army exchange the rule ‘Combat Tactics’ for another one (like Stubborn) thanks to the rule ‘Chapter
    Tactics’. However, the special characters themselves follow the rule ‘Combat Tactics’. Is this intentional? As I understand it, the rule Combat Tactics is in fact the ‘Chapter trait’ of the
    Ultramarines and other ‘Codex’ chapters...

    A. Ah, the Combat Tactics rule is just there for when you use two different special characters and have to choose which of their Chapter Tactics rule apply. So, say for example that you include both Shrike and Lysander in your army. You decide that
    Lysander is in charge, so all of the units with Combat Tactics (including Shrike) replace ‘Combat Tactics’ with ‘Stubborn’. So, these special characters never really have the ‘Combat Tactics’ rule, as they either exchange for their own ‘Chapter Tactics” or the “Chapter Tactics’ of another such special character. In term of the story, if they are subordinate to another commander, these great heroes are flexible enough to adapt to the fighting style of their battle-brother.

    Q. What size blast marker do the Whirlwind launcher and Orbital bombardment use?

    A. They both use the large (5") blast marker. This is because all Barrage weapons are also Blast weapons, and all Ordnance Blast weapons use the large blast marker unless otherwise specified.

    Q. Shrike has ‘a pair of master-crafted lightning claws’. Does he get two re-rolls for these, or just the one?

    A. Just one.

    Q. The rules for both the relic blade and the storm shield simply state that a model with one of these pieces of wargear cannot have +1 Attack for an additional close combat weapon. Is it therefore possible to equip a model with both a storm shield and a relic blade?

    A. The rules for two-handed weapons in the rulebook and the rules for storm shields and relic blades are not in contradiction. So you can have both a storm shield and a relic blade, which I think makes for rather cool models!

    Q. Kor'sarro's Chapter Tactics rule states ‘If you choose to do this, […]’. It seems that you can choose whether to exchange Combat Tactics with the Chapter Tactics rule (i.e. the ability to outflank). Isn’t such change automatic, as stated by the previous sentence?

    A. Ah, the confusion arises from the fact that ‘If
    you choose to do this,’ refers to the choice of
    using the outflanking ability or not. You have no
    choice in regards of Kor’sarro’s Chapter Tactics
    replacing the normal Combat Tactics of the army
    (unless you also have another character with
    different Chapter Tactics, of course).

    Q. If a Razorback armed with a lascannon and
    twin-linked plasma gun suffers a weapon
    destroyed result, does it destroy both (ie. the
    lascannon and the plasma gun) or just one?

    A. Only one weapon – either the lascannon or the
    twin-linked plasma gun.

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